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BA (Hons) Economics

University is the biggest change in your life and can be taken in many ways. Some choose to embrace every aspect by joining societies, working hard, spending money and going out in the evenings. I like to have a balance of all four of these things. At first, as it was Freshers’ Fortnight, I tended to go out maybe three times a week.

Before university I was never one to spend all night out dancing at the club, but I have now discovered my likes and dislikes. What I didn’t realise is that each night is different. For me I didn’t like clubbing music, however during Freshers’ Fortnight I discovered various club nights that I now absolutely love. In Bournemouth, Cameo is probably the best student club, especially on Wednesdays as it is ‘Guilty’ night (90s/guilty pleasure tracks). The Old Fire Station is also an amazing, safe and cheap night out as it is made by the students of BU.

In regards to societies, I haven’t actually joined any, officially. Bournemouth has many sporting societies, both casual and competitive and so there is plenty to choose from – unless you are like me and tend to avoid sports as often as possible. A good thing about societies is that, with the help of social media, you can create your own societies and they can, if original, grow significantly in size. I know there is a Disney Society and a Games Society for the less active of us.

I am however, a Student Ambassador now. I have attended two training days about four weeks into the semester and soon after was given my BU Hoodie and enrolled as BU member of staff. This was the opportunity I found most interesting at BU. Being a student ambassador has many perks for example, right now I am blogging about my new life and sharing advice with you guys. But also, I can take part in open days, help local schools and become a mentor if I wished.

In regards to work load I have had three assessments so far, one for each unit. What I like about it is that it has started off fairly relaxed. What I mean by that is I haven’t had any long, stressful essays. I have been assessed through one exam, one presentation and one multiple choice question set. My advice to you, would be to use all the resources available. I always keep an eye on myBU. This is an online resource centre which in itself has multiple documents available, from employability to seeking additional support, which is completely free. In addition, the careers department tends to host workshops which I have already made use of. I have recently become very interested in getting a summer placement in order to boost my application for third year placement and so have attended a ‘Winning CVs’ workshop which was very helpful.

Katrina,-first-monthI have been home just once in the first month, which was strange. For me I didn’t like it much, of course I loved seeing my family but that’s about all I loved. I like the breath of fresh air which Bournemouth has given me. I made the most of my time home: did some shopping, spent quality time with my family and gathered essentials which I’d forgotten to bring the first time (potato masher and cheese grater).

So, it has been a month. I have settled in surprisingly well. After applying through Clearing I was rather nervous about the whole situation, but soon felt right at home. I spend a lot of time with my house mates and outside friends but also try to socialise as much as I can with my course mates. I have made friends that I know I will keep for life in the space of just 30 days, it’s crazy. I am very excited to continue with University. I know that being at BU with all the support that it offers I will succeed and be happy. It is my fresh start – so far, so good.

By Katrina Eastwood

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