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Moving to university was a shock. It was all new and exciting but also daunting. Once everything is moved in to your room and house, once your parents/guardians/siblings etc. have all left, you’re sat on your bed looking around your room and all thoughts running through your head just stop.

Annabel---homesicknessThis is where I’m living for a year. This is where I’m studying.

What do I do?

Some people fit in really easily, make new friends, and go to Freshers’ events. This was not the case for me. For me I was a wreck. Especially the first few days. Luckily I had found someone who was staying in my house on my accommodation Facebook page. This was a huge help as, even though I didn’t really know them, it was someone with a familiar face.

When induction had started I soon fell into a rhythm and the shock wore off and slowly but surely I felt less daunted by it. I soon made friends on my course and once the first seminar with my course group began I soon learned who people were and made friends when going on a trip as we sat with different people.

These were the ways in which I got over homesickness, but I found it was a gradual disappearance of the feelings and it soon changed into excitement on starting my new life at university.


Top Tips for dealing with Homesickness:

  • Try and make friends within your house/flat etc., even if it’s just one person
  • Talk to someone about how you’re feeling. I spoke to my house mate and I felt relieved
  • Have things around you that are familiar e.g. photographs, posters etc. to make it feel more homely
  • Get involved with different activities/societies to meet new people, as everyone is in the same boat
  • Talk to family and friends back home.

But most importantly I would say give it time. You’re in a new situation that affects people in various ways but it is okay to feel how you do.

Thanks for reading!

By Annabel Scott

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