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BA (Hons) Events Management


Meet our new vlogger, Harriet Rose! In her first vlog, she tells you what it’s like to be an Events Management student.

2 Responses to “Harriet Rose’s story: A day in the life of an Events Management student”

  1. M. Marina

    Hi ! Thank you for the presentation ! Can I ask you to tell me more about the exam ? Like…how many ? 1 or 2 per a year ? How is the exam ? Open book or not ? And do you have any support form teachers to do the assignment ? Thank you a lot !


    • Harriet Rose

      Hi Marina,

      Thanks for your comment. In Events Management there are 2 semesters each year with an exam period at the end (January and June). Each semester has 3 units of study (so 6 units over the whole year). Units are assessed in different ways so the number of exams depends on the current unit.

      In first year I had 2 exams in January and 1 exam in June. The exams are not open book but the style varies depending on the unit. Some are completely written (essays) but Finance and Economics for example were calculated questions and some written. As well as exams there are obviously other methods of assessment such as essays, podcasts and group presentations.

      The exams are really nothing to worry about. The tutors give you so much help and make sure you are well prepared (they want you to do well!!!). There are revision lectures and seminars and if you are confused about anything specific you can book time to see them.

      I hope this was helpful 🙂

      Harriet Rose

      Ps. Have a look at to get an idea of the units we study!!!


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