Maritime Archaeology students take Florence

As Maritime Archaeology students, we were lucky to have the option of having one of our units, Management of Underwater Cultural Heritage, either at Bournemouth University or at the IVALSA trees and timer institute in Florence, Italy. No brainer, we chose Italy (sorry Bournemouth). Dr Nicola Macchioni, who is a timber specialist there, had visited… Read more » about Maritime Archaeology students take Florence

The mature fresher

Interested in getting another degree? Welcome to my world! So, you’re planning to start at a university (it better be BU) as a first year postgrad student. Different from your experience as a first year undergrad? Not entirely, but the underlying factor is you’re now a mature fresher. I say mature because you’ve probably already… Read more » about The mature fresher

Going back to school

Before BU, the last time I was at university was in 2010, when I graduated with a Diploma in Communication and Media back home. Now before I proceed, I need to clarify that the Malaysian education system works a little differently. I could give you an explanation but it’ll be a long one. After spending… Read more » about Going back to school

My journey started with the BU Dean’s Scholarship – School of Tourism

It has already been more than half a year since my course started and now I am writing my dissertation. I can’t believe it! Time flies so fast! My name is Changsook (Sue) Lee and I originally come from South Korea. I was so honoured and grateful for the BU Dean’s Scholarship which provided me… Read more » about My journey started with the BU Dean’s Scholarship – School of Tourism