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theodora-yebuahInterested in getting another degree? Welcome to my world! So, you’re planning to start at a university (it better be BU) as a first year postgrad student. Different from your experience as a first year undergrad? Not entirely, but the underlying factor is you’re now a mature fresher.

I say mature because you’ve probably already had that university experience (oh yeah, read that book…what’s next?). Don’t think that makes you an expert on anything, maybe just a little wiser. You’ve been the green-horn, done all the silly things and been to all the hottest events and parties. Me?? No, I didn’t have that. I was the kind of student who went for choir practice on Wednesday and Saturday nights, ran to drama rehearsals on Tuesdays and Sundays, and always looked forward to basketball training when competitions came round… Boring? Think again.Theo---mature-1

Yes, that’s me…

Whatever you do, don’t become the nostalgic fresher trying too hard to re-live the past in all its glory (it never works and is a pretty terrible idea!). If you’re wondering who the nostalgic fresher is, think Grown Ups, Project X and the Party Rock Anthem in one big mash-up. Celebrate your past but don’t re-live it. Why? There are a thousand new experiences to look forward to: The Welcome Bash, Freshers’ Fair, Postgraduate International Day, a constant traffic of events in the hallway close to the student shop, new birthdays to celebrate and course mates to bond with and a lot more I’m probably forgetting!

Mature student 3Postgraduate International Day

Mature student 4

Sports Ball with my team-mates!

Being a mature fresher also means that lecturers expect a lot more from you. I must warn you though, as a postgrad student, one word is most likely going to haunt you the entire time: CRITICAL. You’ll read it a lot in assignment briefs and you’ll hear it a lot (‘critically discuss this’, ‘critically assess that’, and be ‘critical in your analysis’). So, even if you do plan to have late nights, just remember you’ll have to be critical (that word again!) in all assignments given.

So, something to think about!

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By Theodora Yebuah