Why I chose BU for my Master’s degree

Meet our new blogger Alice White as she talks about why she’s returned to BU… After working for four years I felt restless. My brain needed a challenge and my career needed a new direction. The idea to study an MA kind of took me by surprise; New Year is always a time for big… Read more »

BU Master’s student directing feature film in Italy and UK

Bournemouth University student Norman Gregory, who has just completed his MA Directing Digital Film and Television, has been in Italy’s Tuscany directing his first feature film ‘A Reason to Leave’. Film and Television stars Claire King (Emmerdale, Footballer’s Wives) and Mark Wingett (The Bill) take the leading roles in Gregory’s directorial debut. Cast and crew… Read more »

Funding Fears

Let’s face it, one of the major worries about taking on postgraduate study is often the prospect of opening your wallet to find cobwebs instead of cash. The expectation of this occurrence can drive many people away from looking into postgraduate study, but there are ways to overcome the spectre of the empty purse.  … Read more »