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Changsook 1It has already been more than half a year since my course started and now I am writing my dissertation. I can’t believe it! Time flies so fast!

My name is Changsook (Sue) Lee and I originally come from South Korea. I was so honoured and grateful for the BU Dean’s Scholarship which provided me with a 50% tuition fee reduction (£3,500).

I had worked, studied and lived in five different countries before coming to Bournemouth: Japan, Saipan (USA), New Zealand, Australia, and Poland. As you can imagine it was a fantastic time in my life and I treasure it deeply. Through the whole journey, I have decided to deepen my knowledge of tourism and especially marketing. That is why I looked for a university to study at and Bournemouth University was the place I chose, because it had a reputation as an outstanding tourism research facility and had great recommendations from the industry itself.

I am enjoying my course (MSc Tourism Management and Marketing) tremendously. It gives me an opportunity to broaden my horizons and knowledge every day. For example, getting support from my faculty to travel to other countries and attend a variety of conferences in my field and participate in a European conference are great chances to update my knowledge and understanding of the industry practices.

What is more, I have met my lovely friends, very knowledgeable and open-minded professors and at all times can expect great support from Bournemouth University staff.
Changsook 2Furthermore, I am working as a student ambassador in the Jurassic Coast World Heritage area. My role is to assist market research and to help improve marketing strategy in the area. This gives me an important insight into the value of the World Heritage area and its need for a sustainable development plan.

There are literally dozens of opportunities that proactive students can take: Global Horizons Fund, Santander Fund, internship programmes etc. They are all to be taken advantage of by anyone showing motivation and ambition.

If you are looking for a place like this, don’t miss the opportunity. I am sure BU will meet your expectations and support your study dreams.

By Changsook (Sue) Lee