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Bournemouth Beach and PierFlorian Pyttel from Germany is currently studying MSc Finance and Risk Management at BU. We asked him a load of questions to find out what he really thinks about his time at BU! Here’s what he said:

Why did you choose your Master’s degree in Finance and Risk Management at BU?

My previous studies and work experience in a syndicate team at a mid-cap German investment bank led to my motivation to continue my studies in the field of finance. In addition, my drive to improve my English skills was another important factor. BU gave me a confident impression from the outset. The administration process from the initial point of applying up to induction outperformed any other university in England which I researched.

What are the highlights of your study experience so far?

I met my wife at BU during the study process which is by far my best experience! Besides this, I was surprised how seamlessly the experienced teaching staff navigated the wide range of international students to create a group identity which I have not seen during my previous studies.

You are currently working for Societe Generale, how did this opportunity come about as part of your studies?

I started applying for trainee positions in London during the second semester of my course. My previous internship in a syndicate team in Frankfurt played a significant role in me being considered. After going through the usual application process and interviews with team, I was offered a position in three teams: loan sales; structured finance and leveraged finance, all within the syndicate Europe team in London. The trainee programme at SG CIB is a full-time, paid and flexible programme. I therefore decided to postpone my Master’s dissertation after finishing my second semester at BU in order to undertake the trainee programme.

Has your course helped you for your current role at Societe Generale?

Yes, definitely! Especially, the unit in Financial Reporting and Analysis as this has taught me how to analyse financial reports of companies and has given me great insight into a wide range of ratios and regulations by applying relevant practical examples.

How will your work experience help you to complete the remainder of your course at BU?

Currently, I am writing up my Master’s dissertation which is the final research project of my course. The topic is directly linked with my daily work at SG CIB which provides me with a unique opportunity to access to a wide set of databases and gain technical insight from my experienced team members.

What do you intend to do upon completion of your Master’s degree?

I hope to start working as an Analyst in Capital Markets or in one of the Origination teams in London’s Investment Banking sector.

How would you sum up your experience of BU so far?

BU is a great university and studying here has been one of the best times of my life. It helped me to progress and strengthen my technical skillset within my field of study, but it also helped me to develop and mature personally. The great study environment in Bournemouth, together with the wide range of facilities, is the perfect starting point for every young and passionate student.