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Uchechukwu Onwuchekwa, a student from a family of six in Abia State, recently told about his experience of studying at BU.

He said, “I chose to study in the UK because of the uninterrupted educational process the country has, compared to Nigeria’s. Not that I don’t like my country’s educational system. In fact, I beg to differ from that. But for a Master’s level, studying in the UK is a better prospect I believe.”

Uchechukwu says he chose to study at Bournemouth University based on two choices – first, its tuition fee was affordable enough and secondly, it offered the exact course he had always longed to study for his MSc.

“Bournemouth University is great. There’s no question about that. It might not be recognised in Nigeria like other educational institutions but I bet the world that it is better than a bunch of them. Bournemouth University has exceeded my expectations so far. It’s big. It’s conducive for learning. A lot of nice folks around here. MSc International Investment and Finance is challenging and the competition is intense both in classes and out there in the labour market.”

Uchechukwu not only mentioned his course, but also the opportunity to learn about a range of cultures through his course mates and the surrounding area. He said, “So far, my closest friend is Asian. I’ve learnt a lot from him. And needless to say, I’ve learnt from others too that I have encountered. It’s quite a struggle trying to learn from non-African folks, because language and intonation always pose a barrier – but who cares? I’m learning for sure. I’m learning how to speak Mandarin and beginning to feign a British accent.”

He described Bournemouth as, “A lot different from my hometown. It’s quite organized. Friendly. Much colder. I always come out enshrouded in a plethora of stuffed animal skins and jackets and a pair of thick black gloves. The best part of my stay in Bournemouth are the very few people I’ve met and made friends with (because I am quite anti-social). The best part of my stay in the UK is the food. Oh God! The food! It’s awesome! Prawns and Salad. Italian Pizza. Burger and chicken. Roasted Pork. Who doesn’t love a good meal?”

He said the biggest obstacle he’s faced since moving to the UK was his ignorance, including ignorance of the bus routes, bus timings, where to find the post office and where to find different university campuses.  He said, “It’s been tough but I have finally found a way to overcome them. Ask lots and lots of questions. That’s the way. That’s the only way out of ignorance. And wait one more thing! Browse. Internet is virtually everywhere.”

And Uchechukwa’s advice? “Just apply. It can’t be that hard. Except if you are not going to Bournemouth University.”

Original story posted on Edufrica.