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lina-abdulhalimAs much as I actually do not like to admit it, I spend a lot of time on my phone. My first smartphone ever was a Blackberry about 3 to 4 years ago, but after that one died on me, I moved on to Android phones (I’m on my second one now because I pretty much drive them into the ground – not literally of course).

But the thing about smartphones is that it’s a great tool for productivity – especially as a student – and it’s a waste if you don’t put that powerful device you have in your hand to good use.

Here are some of the apps I use on a day-to-day basis!


Ignore the silly grin – I’m weird in front of cameras!

I use a lot of productivity apps. A LOT – only because I’m a giant scatterbrain. There are so many productivity apps out there, but my essentials are:

1. Dropbox

I use Dropbox like a beast. It helps me back up documents from my phone or computer and make them accessible anywhere. For an editor, it’s one of the best ways to share rough cuts with your director.

2. Google Drive

There are thousands of collaboration apps out there on the app store, but Google Drive is probably one of the more basic, no-brainer, easy-to-use ones out there. It’s uncomplicated, you can share documents and presentations with your group and you can work on the go too!

3. Airdroid

I lose cables ALL THE TIME. Whenever I want to transfer stuff from my phone, the USB cable goes missing. Airdroid helps you transfer from your phone to computer via WiFi. As long as your phone and computer are on the same WiFi connection, you can transfer files to and from easily. You can also use phone apps on your computer if you’re lazy like me.


As I mentioned before, I use messaging apps to communicate with friends and family back home. All the messaging systems you see on this photo are all free. If you’re connected to the internet or have data on your phone, you can text and call for free. While you probably already know Skype and Messenger, apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram and LINE will make you feel like you never left home.




Google Now keeps all your updates at a glance. Whether it’s the weather, a news article or traffic, it’s all contained in one simple, good-looking app.  It is information curated by you.


I love Expense Manager for its simplicity. Sadly, only available for Android at this point, but don’t let the simplicity fool you: this app is solid. I’ve tried LOADS of account trackers that just end up looking ugly (I’m very shallow when it comes to apps) but this one is just beautiful to look at and it encourages me to keep track of my expenses even more.

There are literally thousands of apps out there that will cater to any of your needs. These are just some of the many I use in my daily life. Before I leave, I have one last thing to say:


By Lina Abdul Halim