Worried about feeling homesick? Here is some advice to cope with it

Hello guys. Today I am going to talk about a common issue we all experienced: homesickness. Homesickness can be a real struggle, whether you’re studying abroad for a year or volunteering for a couple of months in a different city or a country. We’ve all been there, trust me. This is my third time being… Read more »

Where am I? I guess I am lost again…

Hello guys! Many of you may be thinking about what to do and how you will adjust during the first weeks of your studies at BU, so today I will be telling you about my first weeks here at BU as an international postgraduate student. Moving in and adjusting to Bournemouth I arrived a week… Read more »

Postgraduate study skills: Prepare yourself!

Hi guys! This is Talya, an international student from Turkey, studying MSc in Clinical Psychology at BU. Today we are going to touch on the main differences between Turkey and the UK in terms of postgraduate study skills. I hope this will give you some insight before coming to study in the UK. Preparation before… Read more »

Is that a Merit or a Distinction? Comparison of Turkish and English grading systems

Hi guys. I’m Talya and I am currently completing my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology here at BU. Today, I will give you a brief summary of the main differences between the Turkish and the English grading systems. The good old Turkish system Coming from Turkey, it might take a while to adapt to a… Read more »

Does BU value your health and wellbeing? Here is what they have to offer!

Hi guys, this is Talya. Today I am sharing information regarding the health and wellbeing services provided by BU. Since I have a degree in Psychology and currently undertaking my MSc in Clinical Psychology at BU, I am very much interested of the wellbeing of others. It is safe to say that BU has a… Read more »

Mediterranean to English Cuisine: Turkish Food Options in Bournemouth

Hello guys! This is Talya from Turkey. I am currently studying my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at BU. Today I will talk about my experience with adapting to the English cuisine and will give some tips for cooking! What’s the main difference between the Turkish and the English cuisine? Turkish cuisine originates from Middle… Read more »

Talya’s top 10 in Bournemouth – What to do, what to do…

Hello everyone, I’m Talya. I’m currently doing my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology here at BU and today I am going to talk about my top 10 things to do in Bournemouth. Bournemouth Beach Bournemouth has an amazing 7-mile long beach which helps you get away from all your anxiety and worries and step away… Read more »