What to expect from Archaeological and Forensic Sciences

Within Archaeological and Forensic Sciences, we study many different aspects from both subjects. They fit together really well, and even though it is not in the title anymore, anthropology is still studied within the course. Within the second year, this course has the largest number of options to choose from, it can be difficult to… Read more »

Recipes For a Flat Family

When it comes to living in a new environment with new people or with those you have chosen to live with, it can, at times, be a bit awkward quite different to living with your family. One way to break the ice is through food. Depending on the level of cooking ability here are three… Read more »

My 2016 Big Dig experience

The big dig, also known as the Durotriges Project, started in 2009 and is an amazing experience for anybody studying archaeology, anthropology and related courses at Bournemouth University. It is also available for other people to attend e.g. field schools or volunteers. This excavation project is an archaeological investigation into the history of southern England,… Read more »

How to cope with the transition between college and uni

Moving from college to university can often seem like a small step to some, but it can also be a big step to others. If it’s a big step however, the best thing you can do is to prepare yourself. A similar transition would have been from school to college where the rules change. The… Read more »

Waiting for your application response

Having completed your full application to UCAS and having carried out all aspects of that including: writing your personal statement, stating your college/school grades etc., you then have the joy of waiting. It’s boring, I know. When I was waiting for my replies, I was checking my emails every chance I got. That is why… Read more »