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3rd year

BSc (Hons) Archaeological & Forensic Sciences

University is a big step into your future. You have important expectations for when you’re finished, be this a job, experience, friends etc. However, to achieve this you need to graduate from university first.

You can be asked a lot while at university, but you should also expect a lot in return.

What you might expect:

  • Further your knowledge of your chosen subject
  • Learning how to live independently
  • Advance skills within your course, for example with me, it would be to improve my crime scene and laboratory skills
  • Understanding financial aspects and responsibilities of daily life
  • Developing new friendships
  • Experiences from activities, be it musical, film or sport etc.
  • Improving your cooking abilities.

There are many others alongside these too, some of which you may think of yourself, these will be your personal expectations as each of us will have our own.

The expectations the university has of you tend to be based mainly on your academic side of life and that nothing should disrupt your learning. So this is all down to you, not the university.


What is expected of you:

  • Work submitted on time and that it is your own work
  • Exemplary conduct while representing the university
  • High standard of work submitted
  • Academic assurance and honesty
  • Personal responsibility for attendance and your work
  • Effort to be put into studying

The majority of ‘rules’ that come with university and what’s expected of you will be explained during induction. This would include things such as plagiarism, personal conduct within halls and while on campus etc.


Your expectations and those of others you may come into contact with, may differ. Do not be surprised by this.

Don’t forget that university is for you and your success.

Thank you for reading!

By Annabel Scott

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