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When searching for housing for your second and third year there are many things to think about. Choosing who you’re going to rent with, who you are going to rent from and the house you’re going to choose. Each of these are often difficult decisions to make. When making that judgment many things need to be considered. Unfortunately however sometimes you have to make the decision without full knowledge.

  • In terms of housemates do you all recognise you all contribute not only to bills etc but also cleaning, tidying, rubbish removal and so on plus there is a significant need for consideration of sharing a house and respecting individual’s differences?
  • First and foremost remember letting agents aim is to make money they are not a charity and at times they are not the most supportive in meeting your needs both in proactivity or willingness to respond to your queries or requests.
  • Is it actually an acceptable property?
  • Is what they are asking for acceptable?
  • Can you honestly afford it?
  • Is the letting company forcing you into it by using specific language? i.e. you will not find anything like this, this is the best property for the location and price, I want you to get the best property for you?


Once you’ve chosen a property and the letting company send you the documents to sign, make sure you read it all and do ensure you understand it. Take note of the inventory and when and what actions were undertaken such as cleaning and whether it is up to date. I would recommend on day of moving in and on departing the property take photographs (be comprehensive in this approach) of the condition of the rooms, the appliances and so on because at the end of your tenancy you will be held accountable for any damage etc. so it is good to have the evidence if any room or article is questioned by the letting agents because they will not release your deposit if there is any damage that you cannot evidence as being there upon arrival.
Once you move in, there are again things to consider to have a smooth living experience. You never know what a person is going to be like when you live with them. They could never clean, help in buying items that the house use etc.


So top tips for house sharing:

  • Set up a rotor for cleaning
  • Share the jobs equally, keep them changing so one person isn’t always taking the bins out
  • Have a group money pot for any essential household items i.e. toilet roll, washing up liquid etc.
  • Ensure you set up standing orders for all household payments including rent, bills, the internet etc.
  • If anybody has a TV or any of you want to watch catch up – get a TV licence and ensure that everyone pays equally

Making sure that all of this is set up when everyone moves in, ensures that you will have a slightly better living experience. Take it from me, if you don’t, it will get increasingly tense and the living environment will be negative.

Remember when you move in, take photos of everything, no matter how small it seems, as it will be your evidence.

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