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Having completed your full application to UCAS and having carried out all aspects of that including: writing your personal statement, stating your college/school grades etc., you then have the joy of waiting. It’s boring, I know. When I was waiting for my replies, I was checking my emails every chance I got. That is why UCAS Track exists. To see how your applications are going, and what offers you receive.

UCAS Track is the online system which allows for the progress of your application process to be checked or ultimately ‘tracked’. You have the ability to see the universities you have applied to and whether they have made offers to you.

Offer types

Conditional: this is an offer which requires your results from your course in order to meet specific requirements. These requirements may include:

  • Specific grades i.e. ABB or equivalent
  • Total number of UCAS Tariff points i.e. 280
  • Total number of UCAS points with specific grade in a subject i.e. 160 points with a B in Chemistry.

Unconditional: this is an offer for when you have already met the entry requirements for the course you applied for. This therefore means you have a guaranteed offer at that university. You cannot make an insurance choice or enter into clearing once an unconditional offer has been accepted

Unsuccessful: this is where the university you applied for has decided against offering you a place at that university. They may tell you why, they may not. If they do not tell you why, you can contact them and ask them.

Withdrawn: this is often either due to the course no longer being run at the university of your choice, or that you have decided against going to that university. You may also have missed an interview, or letter/email they sent you with things you had to do. Whatever the reason, it will show you on Track.

UCAS track shows you these offers and allows you to reply to them e.g. if you have a conditional offer you are able to make your first choice and insurance choice. You may be asked to attend an interview rather than receiving an offer straight away. If you receive all unsuccessful offers, you may be able to add more courses through Extra or go through Clearing.

With my own use of UCAS Track I received a mix of both conditional and unconditional offers for the universities I applied to. I received these all within a few weeks of applying, however some of my friends received them later than that. It all depends on when universities receive them or how the university and the subsequent departments deal with the applications, so sit tight. It means nothing about what your grades are, bear in mind they have to read through your personal statement and every other aspect of your UCAS application. Now add yours to everybody else’s, that’s a huge amount of reading.

Good luck and thank you for reading!

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