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BSc (Hons) Archaeological & Forensic Sciences

Talbot Campus, the main University Campus. With study rooms to coffee shops, there is nothing else needed whilst you’re there.  However, due to the size of the student population, there are often little things that you can pick up to make sure your time is best suited to optimise studying. Below are some helpful tips to allow for this:


  • If you’re studying by yourself, there are plenty of computers at the library. Be it for silent study, try the 3rd or 4th floor, or if you like some background noise try the ground and 1st floor.
  • If you’re carrying out group work, i.e. presentation, try the techno booths on either the ground or 1st
  • SUBU also have two locations to carry out work, Booth Blue or Orange
  • If you want to uninterrupted group work, try one of two separate rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor
  • Another place to potentially find a table to sit at is within fusion, but bear in mind it’s a very big open planned place, great for somethings, not always that great for studying

If you want to ensure any of these however, it is best to book through the library link.

My top tip if you want to do exam revision, think a week ahead. The library and SUBU get booked up quickly, although if you don’t mind going in on your weekend, they are generally less busy and you’re more likely to find somewhere to revise. I often book out a room, get a couple of friends to book it as well, then you have uninterrupted study time, either silent or group.

Food and Drink

There are several places to get food throughout Talbot campus, whether it’s a quick drink/snack or a meal there are many options.

  • If you’re based in Weymouth house you have a coffee shop on the ground floor, though as a SciTech student, I don’t venture in there so can’t tell you too much about it.
  • The student shop offers quick snacks to cover over those long lectures during lunchtime
  • Dylan’s and the fusion building offer full meals if you are ever in need of a quick meal if you don’t feel like cooking after your late lecture this is an option.

You’ll find your own favourite coffee spot (if it’s your thing) be it in SUBU or the Atrium,  however you do get your rushes. My personal favourite is the Atrium whenever I’m studying as it’s open on a weekend as well, though trying to time it right during the week is the next difficult thing. The next best alternative I find is to bring your own, it may not have all the extras, but you can guarantee it’s made just how you like it.

The library

As foreign as the concept may be in this highly technical era, books are a very useful resource. Lecturers will always provide books they want you to read/have read, though they can often be expensive. You could always share or look in the library, the latter however, does not guarantee availability. They may also provide an insight of where else to delve into for research on assignments. Due to the number of students on campus, the library often gets busier during lunchtime and exam periods. The best time to go is in the morning, as students are not normally early risers. Though don’t be surprised if you see the odd one there.

Thank you for reading.

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