Winning the Green Impact Award

Over my three years at Bournemouth University I have always thrown myself at every opportunity the university and SUBU in particular, has offered. From this blogging position, through to being a PAL leader as well as a SUBU Volunteer Leader. However, my true passion at BU has been the environmental opportunities it has offered. I… Read more »

BU’s wonderful student support and advice network

BU has an incredibly useful and successful student support and advice network which spans every aspect of BU and every campus. This section of the uni can help you deal with anything from housing issues through to changing course and is a vital resource for any and every student at BU. Whether it is when… Read more »

My summer of science in Colombia

This summer I embarked on a two-week science research trip with three other students and two lecturers to Colombia in South America. Without doubt this was one of the best experiences of my life, as well as a great opportunity to develop skills for both professional employability and scientific research, and all thanks to doing… Read more »

Things to make you an appy student

Right now there are some great apps for your smartphone and tablet that make being a student easier and slightly cheaper. Here are some of the best current student-focused apps. iBU For Bournemouth University there is one application key for students that has to be downloaded instantly. iBU is an easy way to access your… Read more »

Top tips for defeating your exams

Exams, whether SATs, GCSEs, A-Levels or at university, are stressful, exhausting, but well worth it in the end. Exams are usually that final barrier to freedom, relief and success, especially the summer ones which are taking place right now. Exams are key, and so here are a few tips to keep you relaxed during them… Read more »

Why do a placement?

Placements were a massive reason I chose to come to Bournemouth University. The reason being that for many of the courses at the university, and across the Faculty of Science and Technology, which I’m part of, it is compulsory to do either two five-week summer placements or one whole year placement. The opportunities and focus… Read more »

SUBU and students

The Students’ Union at Bournemouth University is simply known as SUBU, and it is a key part of BU life. It is also important to every student’s experience over their time here and can make the university experience so much more than just lectures and assignments. The list of stuff SUBU does for students goes… Read more »

How BU makes you more employable

Employability – the key reason most people go to university. By going to university you pick up a degree that usually puts you ahead of many other people, as well as showing your abilities and intelligence. However, there are two things you can add to your degree that put you above anyone else, and they… Read more »

Cooking and fending for yourself, don’t worry about it!

By Louis Sherman 1st year BU student, BSc (Hons) Applied Geography Being able to cook for yourself, and overall fend for yourself, will become key to your uni life. And although it sounds terrifying, it is actually simple and easy! Personally, I never got too focussed on this part of uni life before I arrived…. Read more »

Student Reps and their Constant Strive for Success

By Louis Sherman 1st year BU student, BSc (Hons) Applied Geography From pretty much the very beginning of my first year at Bournemouth University I have been the main student rep for my course, BSc Applied Geography. Without doubt it has probably been one of the best opportunities the university has given me and I… Read more »