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BSc (Hons) Applied Geography

By Louis Sherman

1st year BU student, BSc (Hons) Applied Geography

Student Rep

From pretty much the very beginning of my first year at Bournemouth University I have been the main student rep for my course, BSc Applied Geography. Without doubt it has probably been one of the best opportunities the university has given me and I have made the most of it.

Student reps are one of the key elements of BU as well as one of the key pieces of the puzzle that puts it ahead of so many other universities. BU’s and SUBU’s student rep system is without doubt one of the best in the country with it really giving every rep, and thus every student, the ability to make BU better with every year.

I was chosen by the rest of my class to be the student rep of our course in only the second week at the university. Now, that could be seen as throwing yourself into the deep end, but why not? As a student rep I have been given the opportunity of not only representing my course at many meetings, but representing the thoughts of the class that nominated me, as well as taking part in many campaigns like ‘Speak Week’. Overall it has been my job this year to try and continue to improve my course and make it the best around!

What is specifically so great about BU’s student rep system is the recognition you get for being a student rep, and the work you have carried out over the year. Last week I attended the student rep awards, here I was awarded with two awards, and one was the bronze student rep award, while the other was a ‘You’re Brilliant’ award. Each and every student rep has the ability to gain a bronze, silver or gold award at the end of the year by collecting points and taking part in certain events.  However, for me it was the ‘You’re Brilliant’ award that really made me feel proud of my work. That is because I had to be nominated for this award by the people in the class I represented who were happy with my work and basically wanted to tell me I was brilliant, possibly one of the best and most flattering moments at university so far.

In all,  being a student rep is one of the best opportunities BU gives any student; it truly is not only a great programme, but an incredible thing to have on your CV, and in all is just general good fun!

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