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Louis ShermanBU has an incredibly useful and successful student support and advice network which spans every aspect of BU and every campus. This section of the uni can help you deal with anything from housing issues through to changing course and is a vital resource for any and every student at BU.

Whether it is when you are first coming to uni or your last term at BU, BU’s support and advice networks can help make life just that bit easier. Throughout uni, finances can be a key issue for many and can also be a huge source of stress, which can prove too much when you have assignments and extra-curricular activities. BU’s advice networks, such as SUBU Advice and AskBU can be important resources in these cases, with emergency loans available for when times get really tough, or when your student finance hasn’t gone through properly. These sorts of resources can be vital to making every day life at university a bit simpler.


However, BU’s support and advice networks aren’t just based around finances. SUBU Advice is a also great if you have housing issues, whether you’re struggling to find a house for second year or are having issues with your housemates. Again, these simple issues can add a lot of stress, but BU’s support network is always there ready to help you and make sorting out the issue that bit easier.

BU also has a doctor’s on campus that can prove another source of great support whether it is mental or physical issues. The doctor’s is placed directly on campus and they’re always happy to help you and give you an appointment, and I can say from past experiences that the doctors here are incredible and very helpful!

AskBU on the Talbot campus is a vital source of info if you are struggling with an issue. They are organised at ‘The Base’ and are more than willing to help, again with things such as housing or course issues.

BU’s support network is not just focussed on ‘issues,’ but also on opportunities for students post-university. The Edge is an area dedicated to employability and placements, while each faculty and school also has their own placement base that you can visit to help find placements or even talking about career options. These resources are incredible and very useful to those confused about a life post-university as well as helping in how to achieve a student’s decided career.

BU’s support network is vast and incredible, covering everything from medical issues to career opportunities. Whether it is something small or large, BU is bound to be able to help you and guide you in the right direction. Our support systems and networks really are the best I have seen and I am so proud of BU for the work they have done to support students no matter the issue.

By Louis Sherman

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