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Awaking to a new day in Bournemouth brings with it an array of  places to visit on campus. Being a second year student and having my first year effected by Covid, heavily influenced me to want to make the most out of my days at Bournemouth University. I consequently have visited many great places on campus and have tried to make the most out of the support and incredible facilities available at the university.


The Students’ Union building is located next to the Pool House building and is dedicated to students and heavily managed by students. The building has 5 floors that are interlinked by a staircase that many have compared to appearing similar as the one in the Harry Potter Franchise. Although for days when walking doesn’t sound appealing, 2 lifts are available. SUBU is a great place to study as well as enjoy conversations with friends. Nerve radio plays music throughout the building which creates an uplifting and relaxing atmosphere throughout. The building is also the main base for different societies that are available to all university students and the Freshers and Re-freshers events are held here. Different events like vintage sales are held in the building and this creates excitement as to what thrilling event you may walk into when entering the building.

When entering the campus, I will often go to the SUBU building to prepare for Lectures and Seminars. The beach hut study zones very much align with Bournemouth as a place and the smart board and comfy seating area inside make it a great place to do group projects. The building also has microwaves that are greatly useful if you need to warm up any food that you’ve brought in for lunch. I spend the majority of my time in the building and for days when I don’t bring in food, the coffee shop located on the bottom floor is very convenient.

The Fusion Building

The Fusion Building has a large canteen located on its bottom floor that serves a range of oriental and appetising meals. The building is also home to 27 seminar rooms and a range of lecture halls. The building is always full of life and it’s glass-domed roof brings in lots of light and warmth into the building. The Fusion Building is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable building on campus, and has a range of technologies designed to reduce its negative impact. The building also has gender neutral toilets that are available to any gender or identity. I often visit the Fusion Building with friends and specifically the roof terrance which offers a quality view of the campus.

Support on campus

Talbot Campus at night


Lecturers are immensely easy to contact and their emails are available on all lecture and seminar slides. With any concerns or questions regarding assignments, lecturers are very quick to respond and replies can be expected within a few days of enquiring. When completing assignments, I have found it greatly beneficial to receive feedback on drafts of my work. Whilst lecturers often can’t look at full assignments, they are able to look at specific paragraphs that you have constructed.

With any support needed with mental wellbeing, there are many caring people who want to help on campus. Student Wellbeing operates on Talbot campus and remotely from 9-5 in term time and offer a range of support systems for students. There is also the Base that provides support for any enquiry you may have whilst studying at Bournemouth University.

Make the most of it

The greatest advice that I can offer from my time so far at Bournemouth University, is to make the most out of all the support and facilities available at Bournemouth University. The campus encapsulates a warm and comforting atmosphere that encourages you to work hard and also enjoy your time at university!

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