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BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

As most people at BU would say, there are many things to love about BU and Bournemouth as a town. I have loved my time here so far, and I am rather sad that to be leaving in 4 months. In my first year I didn’t join anything – and I did regret this. BU has so much to offer, and I am so glad that I started joining more and more throughout my years here. Now in my 4th year I am on 2 sports teams, I am on the committee for a society as well as being a student ambassador.

Cricket Practice

I have loved the opportunities given to me. Both the sports teams I am on, I had never played before university. I got the opportunity to experiment with the sports, and even if I do not play in the leagues, I have gotten to meet new people as well as pick up new sports (as well as obviously attending the sports nights at Cameo).

There are also a lot of societies, and I mean A LOT. From a Taylor Swift Society to Boat Club there are a lot available to join. I am treasurer of the SUBU Women in Business Society which SUBU Women in Business Socialhas been an exciting opportunity to have undertaken in my final year. I have met so many new people through the socials we organise such as a night out at Revolution and a coffee morning at uni (as well as something to add to my CV!).


Alongside the sports and societies, Bournemouth itself has so much to offer. There is so much to explore. The beach alone is incredible just to walk down to as it is so close. We also have so many local historic sites and walks. This video goes into more details about some amazing places to visit.


Lastly the support from the University. Student Wellbeing are extremely useful particularly for mental health and you can just do an online form to get a consultation. But also, I’ve found that the lecturers are so useful and will always be willing to help you if you are struggling.

As I said there are so many things, I have loved from my time at Bournemouth university. There has been an endless number of opportunities and I am so glad I (eventually) joined sports and societies.

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