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If you are a new student or a prospective student interested in studying at Bournemouth University (BU), you must been wondering if BU have anything like a student council or students’ representative.

Well here at BU, we have Students’ Union at Bournemouth University or famously known as SUBU. You will be represented by full-time officers – President, Vice President (VP) Student Opportunities, VP Education, and VP Welfare & Community.

So what does SUBU have to offer to me?

According to their website, SUBU is there to help you: be social, be supported, be involved, and be represented. Everything they could offer to make sure you have the best experiences as a student here at BU. So, you don’t have to worry too much if you’re nervous about student life because SUBU has got your back!

Be social.

I first acknowledged SUBU when my mum made her own research on Instagram and Facebook (when your mum became your P.A. hahah!). Then on my first week in Uni, I wouldn’t missed the chance to attend their Fresher’s Fair! It is a huge exhibition free to attend for students where you can sign up to as many club & societies you like, and you will get loads of freebies and discount too. I remember signing up to almost 4 clubs & societies in one day.

SUBU’s Instagram


SUBU also regularly updated any social events on their website: What’s On. Here you can sign up to any activities that caught your eyes either virtually or outdoors.

The Old Fire Station is one of the main social place for you to have your best night life in Bournemouth with your friends, and yes! It’s managed under SUBU and only students are allowed to enter. The place offer live music venue, nightclub and bars, and it’s located in Lansdowne. Another social place is Dylan’s Kitchen and Bar which is a student bar for students located in Talbot Campus (inside Poole House). A nice place to hang out with your friends after classes on campus.

They also do Trips & Tours! Hopefully with lockdown restriction being eased, you can join their upcoming day trips! I joined the trip to Bath for £35, and it’s really fun.

Pulteney Bridge


The Roman Baths


Be supported.

When I was facing some problems at Uni, I went to SUBU Advice for help & guidance. If you ever need help in regards of academic, housing, money, personal issues that affecting your daily life as a student, and others, this is the place to go.

Be involved.

As mentioned above, I signed up for 4 clubs & societies at Fresher’s Fair. They are Animation Society, Computing & Security Society, Archery Society, and Social Science Society. You’ll need to pay for membership fees which won’t be a lot.

Volunteering – SUBU partnered up with several organisations to offer volunteering opportunities for BU students. I have signed up to couple of them including as Museum Facilitator at Poole Museum.

Be represented.

SUBU makes sure that all students are represented. I was involved with SUBU as one of their Part-time Liberation Campaign Officer representing the Asian, Arab and Ethnic Minority community in BU. It was a challenging role but also an eye opening experience and I have gained a lot of knowledges and skills by being working with SUBU closely. They also do The Big Student Meeting where students can discuss & debate their proposals and vote on if SUBU should support these proposals. The latest one is a Question times session with your officers!

Overall, SUBU does makes my life as a student in BU a lot easier by giving me a lot of opportunities to make new friends & connections, to get involved in activities I’ve never done before and for me to develop a lot of new potentials and new skills. So, do not waste this opportunity and enjoy your time at BU!

Hope you’ll find this blog to be useful. If you have any more questions, you can find me on Unibuddy: Ayra Unibuddy.

– Ayra H.

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