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BA (Hons) Communication and Media

My name is Tia Hodgson and I’m a final year student studying BA (Hons) Communication and Media.

What I have enjoyed the most about my course so far…

The course is quite good for allowing you to focus on what you love in assignments. For example, I love Beyoncé so I got to write a mini dissertation about her! I also love fashion and music so I’m hoping to do my dissertation on something surrounding this. Furthermore, I have written lots of my assignments about TV programmes and series as they make such great case studies.  

My favourite units have been marketing communications, media: messages and meanings, global current affairs, web and mobile communication, adaptation and media marketing research. I am currently doing advertising and media, crisis and conflict which I’m loving so far. I haven’t started PR or celebrity culture yet but I am looking forward to it. There’s so many it’s hard to choose, I’ve enjoyed most of them and they’re all so different. This is probably what I like the most about the degree as I get to do a bit of everything.

We also have a radio station in the student centre which is run by students. I have been the head of marketing for this as well as having my own show. This year I am the head of fashion and lifestyle for Nerve magazine and I am loving it so far. All these opportunities are encouraged by the degree and lecturers.  

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