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Congratulations on getting into Bournemouth University, but what happens now and what do you prepare?

Preparing for uni can be much more than just a suitcase full of clothes, there is a range of other things you can do to ensure you feel as ready as you can for uni, and the upcoming summer months are the perfect time to get sorted! Here are just a few ideas to add to your to-do list to make sure you are fully prepared for the beginning of your university journey!

Fresher Planning:

With freshers’ events happening as soon as you join, it can be useful to research the events prior to arriving at uni and seeing what you might want to go to. A great way to explore what events are happening is either through Facebook event pages, Fatsoma and Eventbrite. I found this really useful and was able to buy a fresher’s wristband before beginning uni!

Course Preparation:

As well as packing all of your essentials, it is worth having a look into your course to see if there is anything you can do to prepare in advance. This could be doing any introductory reading for the first semester or collecting any materials you may need such as books and textbooks.


It may be worth updating and working on your CV if you are going to be looking for any part-time/full-time work when you arrive. However, do not worry if you need some extra help and guidance with your CV as the university have an array of resources available to help. Once you join you will have access to advice and will be able to arrange meetings to discuss it further. If you visit the campus, the careers centre is able to help with any queries you may have so just pop on in and ask away!

Work Experience/Part-Time Work:

A useful tool to explore any potential work experience or part-time work positions that are available in Bournemouth, is the Bournemouth University Careers & Employability page. It offers a range of tools from job openings, volunteering opportunities, placement help and further activities to boost your CV!

Explore Bournemouth:

Lastly, it is a good idea to take a trip to Bournemouth to familiarise yourself with the area, explore what is near your accommodation, take another look at the campus, and even a trip down to (your soon to be) local beach!

Hopefully, these tips will help you feel more prepared to begin your university journey!

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