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BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism

If you love every aspect of creating content and want the most skilled lecturers to help you become the best you can be, then Multimedia Journalism at BU is the one for you.

I think the thing that makes the course so special is the variation in everything we do. Let me talk you through an average week in the life of a Multimedia Journalism student.

Working in the radio studio for a live bulletin!

Monday: Typically, a news day! Go into uni in the morning and attend a lecture on a new topic in news. Then, receive your briefing of what you need to create that day. After the briefing it’s down to you! Leave campus and get interviewing, find stories and get them written up and published ready for the afternoon.

Tuesday: Potentially a quieter day. May have a shorthand session (a great skill to have if you’re interested in being a journalist), or a lecture about media law and you’re done for the day.

Wednesday: TV! Similar structure to the news days. First thing in the morning is a lecture about a new topic or skill, then you get your briefing of what you need to create. Then it’s over to you, get your kit (which is supplied by uni – microphone, camera and all!) and get filming. Come back in the afternoon to edit, and then create an entire TV package with a presenter and people working the operations desk which goes straight on TV!

Thursday: Maybe a lecture on politics or ethics. Then features (magazines and interactive documentaries). You tend to work as an entire team in features. Somebody in the group will be an editor and will be leading everyone in their own roles. Over the course of a few weeks you will have to create an entire magazine or a documentary, so each week is different and it’s exciting working towards the final goal.

Friday: Radio day! You may be expected to go out for the day and create your own radio package, either by going to interviews or by speaking to them in the studio. You will then have to edit and finalise yourself. Or you may be expected to work as a group to produce radio bulletins that go out every hour, live to the nation! Or even a podcast that gets streamed on Spotify!

Filming a documentary using the amazing uni equipment

Every day there is something new happening, you can never get bored. I think the thing that made BU stand out for me when I was choosing between universities, is the fact that you actually get to create real content that gets published for people to read, watch, or listen to. Whilst at BU you feel like a proper working journalist. There is such a buzz in the course, and everyone is so friendly. Because you often have to work as a team you all end up making friends and it’s a real big happy community! I personally could not think of a better course, no matter what type of journalist you want to be.

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