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When you’re making your five university choices through UCAS, we know how important it is for you (new prospective students) to hear from current students who are living and breathing everything BU.  That’s why in the lead up to the 15 January UCAS deadline, we got some of our students in to talk to us about what they love doing in and around Bournemouth, tips they have as students and most importantly how they #belongatbu.

1- What’s the one thing that stood out to you as BU student?


Jakub- “There’s always something for everyone and if you need help, there’s always a place to ask for it no matter what it is”.
Joe- “All the International opportunities that BU can offer as well as the extra activities”.
Catriona- ” The lab facilities!”.
Patrycja- “BU just has the most amazing people, both students, staff & lecturers”.

2- What’s the best thing about your choice of accommodation?

Patrycja- “Unilet – it’s a cheaper option and closer to University than most of the other accommodation options”.
Chloe- “It’s what you make of it. I’ve decorated my room with pictures and we’ve made all the communal areas really homely”.
“I chose Lansdowne Point and at the time it had catering which was helpful!”.
“I lived in Lyme Regis House and I enjoyed how well connected it was to the town centre”.


3- What’s your best money – saving suggestion for…

a) night out?
Jakub- “A list card”.
Joe- “Try something that’s not just drinking alcohol (Bournemouth has 30+ escape rooms)”.
Catriona- “Each nightclub has a student night so drink and entry are cheap and cheerful”.
Chloe-“The Student nightclub- The Old Fire station“.

b) night in?
Jakub- “Deliveroo”.
Catriona- “Movie nights, trips to aldi to get snacks, comfy blankets and you are set”.
Chloe- “Set up a tv in the living room and get everyone together to make some food and have a games night”.


Patryja-“A small house party!?

c) day out?
Joe- “Use Eventbrite to find fun things to do locally”.
Chloe- “The beach is always a good day out, so is a walk through the gardens”.
Jakub-“Go to Bournemouth beach, the New Forest, students can save on travel.
Catriona– ” Take full advantage of ResLifeBU“.

You can also be in the know and discover other hidden charms in the local area here.

d) weekly shop?
Catriona- “Aldi and Lidyl are your friends”.
Jakub- “Buy ingredients that can be used in multiple meals, it splits the cost”.
Joe- “Make a list before you head out”.


4- What’s your favourite thing to do in Bournemouth?

Jakub- “Go to Chicken & Blues”.
Joe- “Paddle  boarding”.
Patrycja- “Walk through Bournemouth gardens”.

5- What’s your best money-saving suggestion?

Jakub-  “Go to Bournemouth beach, the New Forest. Students can save on travel”.
Chloe- “Get unidays/TOTUM and make use of your discount”.
Patrycja- ” Remember your student discount”.

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