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Which Accommodation Is Best For You?

Choosing accommodation for university can be confusing with all the criteria to consider and it becomes a mine field when you can’t decide which one you like best.
This simple little flow diagram quiz I've created, should help you narrow it down to at least one or two!

Just remember that just because your path leads you to one particular accommodation 
option, doesn’t mean you will only thrive in that one. Each will have a team of staff 
or ResLifeBU students there to make sure you get the best out of your university 
experience, feel at home, and are able to be yourself.

First select your maximum price range for rent*. The prices below are weekly (usually 
for around 41 weeks) and include a bus pass for university and buses around town.

A. £120 - £130 per week
B.   £130 - £140 per week
C.   £140 + per week
Now go to the designated quiz for your price range:

Now that you have found one or two options that suit you, why not visit the BU website to find out more about them! 

Good luck and we hope to see you here at one of Bournemouth University's Student 
accommodation's soon.

*Prices subject to change

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