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Sandra Achim (Romania)

My name is Sandra Achim. I’m 22 years old and I’m from Romania. I am currently studying in Bournemouth and the programme is called MSc Events Management. It is a taught master’s degree and it takes about 12 months to complete.

I’ve decided that I did not have many opportunities in my own country and started to look for an English-speaking country to move to and start a new life. After a couple of months thinking about the decision that I was going to take, I decided that I could continue my studies and get a qualification here in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth is the best fit for me

I decided that the MSc Events Management course in Bournemouth was the best way to get where I want to be in my professional career. My experience with Bournemouth has been amazing so far and now I know that coming here was certainly the right decision for me. I love the area and many of my friends are here. I’ve improved my level of English too! But the most important thing, I got a job as an International Student Ambassador and I’m working with events at a local agency.

 Has living abroad changed my life?

Yes! My life has changed. My perspectives on life, on my home and everything in my life has changed. However, I can say without any doubts that studying abroad was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Almost a year has passed since I started studying abroad, and I continue to gather new lessons from my time spent in Bournemouth. If you ever want the full story of what it’s like to live or study abroad, find someone who did that and spend some time with them. You might just get a glimpse of how amazing it can be.

Ups and downs

There are also things I miss from my home country. I miss my old friends, family and student jobs from home. Sometimes I got frustrated about practical stuff here in Bournemouth. Like how to pay a bill, using the library, where to find an ATM or how to take a bus. Both small and big things can seem confusing in the beginning, but remember that you also experience great things. Living abroad will have its ups and downs. Just like home. Don’t be scared, just enjoy the new ride!

Sandra Achim, Romania, MSc in Events Management, 2017/18