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Sandra Achim (Romania)

I am Sandra Achim from Romania and I am currently studying an MSc Events Management at Bournemouth University. I really enjoy my course because I like the team spirit and working in groups. To organise events, you need a team of people who will contribute with different expertise to create a great experience for attendees.

When personal experience guides your work

Ever since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed organising things, attending events and I strongly believe that attention to detail is very important. I have not had the chance yet to organise large-scale events, only events based at school or university, but these small experiences have given me a good insight into this area. I often attended events which were poorly organised and I have always tried to imagine what I would have done differently to run a more successful event.

Putting together a live event

As a part of my events management course at BU, my team and I organised a live event called ‘LanguageBot’, which was based on a real brief. We had to launch an app designed to help international students to learn English and explore Bournemouth though various tasks. This was my favourite project and one of my best experiences as a student. I took part in weekly team meetings and I was proud to hold the position of head of catering. I helped the team with my enthusiastic spirit and ideas in the planning stages before the event happened. One of my tasks was to contact Asda to gain sponsorship for our goody bags.  I also created the goody bags for the LanguageBot event and put together our event survey.

A great success

After the event, we had to write an evaluation report and present it to our course leader and I really enjoyed having the opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty member on a project, as well as exploring topics on the history of events. This project was a real success for my team and a great experience for me. I have loved being involved in arranging this event and to have had this fantastic opportunity to work as an events manager. Overall, I feel this is one of the best projects I have undertaken at BU and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

Sandra Achim, Romania, MSc Events Management, 2017/18