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Sandra Achim (Romania)

I am Sandra Achim from Romania and I am currently studying an MSc Events Management course at Bournemouth University. One of the best things about coming to study here is the area and the summer.

Organising my studies to enjoy the beach!

Summer is undoubtedly my favourite season of the year. Since I have lived in Bournemouth I’ve learnt to appreciate this season even more. My favourite activity during the summer is to enjoy the sunshine and the beach, feel the heat, the sun and the air on my skin whilst meditating on my life plans and my future career. Since I’m a summer lover, I can say that is quite difficult for me to combine fun and my studies, but I always try my best. That’s why I plan my time and schedule my activities to make sure that there is a balance between my Masters programme and summer activities. Sometimes, when I’m enjoying the sun on the beach, I make sure that I have my books with me to read. The combination is fantastic. Just imagine it… flipflops, sun, sea and sand a good read.  The summer is a welcome change and the first time I have not been asked: “aren’t you cold”? For me, this is the best feeling in the world. I waited a long time for summer and endured the changing weather in Bournemouth during the winter months.  For me, the summer is always a way to recharge my batteries and there is nothing better than the feel of a summer breeze on my face, it reminds me of the beauty of nature and I also get to enjoy stunning views of the countryside outside.

Achieving balance in summer

Another way I enjoy spending my summer is to chill out with my friends and classmates, by enjoying a BBQ on the beach and sharing ideas about our units or asking for help with assignments. I always find it a challenge to combine all the things I need to do, spending time with my family and friends, having fun and working to gain some money and experience, plus studying at the same time. But I’m sure that this will help me to be a more responsible person and that’s why I always try to do my best and to spend my summer in a responsible way.

For me the summer is for family, friends, beach, sun and studies. The summer provides me with time to find myself and to set my goals again and to get out and make a difference. This summer I have had time to think outside the box and do something different and challenge myself mentally. Every summer I promise myself something and this summer I promised to become the best version of me and work harder for my dreams. Don’t be scared to take chances and let the summer bring out the best version of you!

By Sandra Achim, Romania, MSc Events Management, 2017/18