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MSc Investigative Forensic Psychology

My journey towards pursuing my course began many years ago, as early as middle school when I knew exactly what I intended to do with my life – help people to my best ability.

Image of Eldrida in graduation gown

Me at my graduation ceremony

It took me 5 years studying psychology, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Criminal Justice, plenty of work experience and a lot of contemplation before I decided to enrol on MSc Investigative Forensic Psychology at Bournemouth University.

Academically speaking, the course was everything I was hoping for and more. Prior to moving here, I compared various brochures from different universities and to my dismay, found none that offered what I was specifically looking for until I stumbled upon Bournemouth University. It promised to deliver a practicum-research based programme, which dealt with the investigative aspects of the criminal justice process rather than just focusing on purely diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitative measures of the criminal population.

The university hunt was a nerve-racking experience. I remember scrambling through scores of programme briefs. I found it an incredibly tiresome task of having to sift through each of them individually and dealing with a million unanswered questions alongside. The agency that came to my rescue, Fateh Education, was undoubtedly a godsend as they filtered out options based on my interests and recommended the best courses in relation to future opportunities and a fulfilling university experience.

In addition to academics, I wanted a programme that lent me added exposure to extra-curricular activity. I wanted to indulge in performing arts, course-related internships and voluntary activities during my study duration at BU. Bournemouth University has been indispensable in providing me with lots of experiences from being student rep to bagging a research assistant position to mentoring children as part of my Student Ambassador role.

Image of Bournemouth pier and beach

Bournemouth’s beautiful beach and pier

Bournemouth in comparison to other towns and cities across the UK has proved most enlightening and entertaining from all the weeks of research I did. It has been packed with fun and frolics, summer destinations and more notably – the beachside! I couldn’t think of a better destination to get an education than Bournemouth.

The UK was my first choice as an international student considering the growing opportunities with the new political and economic climate. More importantly, the federal system in India is very reflective of the British ways and I couldn’t think of a more fitting country to learn from.




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