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This is me outside the university

Hi everybody. I am Anh Thu from Vietnam. Currently, I am studying MSc International Economics and Finance at Bournemouth University.

Before coming to the UK, it was hard for me to imagine how it would be studying under the Faculty of Management. But now I have to say that the Faculty of Management in Bournemouth University is one of the best places for me to flourish and I write this blog to show you how incredible it is.

The reason I applied for Bournemouth University is that Bournemouth is famous for its high quality Master’s course in my favourite major: Finance. I was deeply impressed by the environment for international students with high levels of individuality and a positive spirit towards the student. I, therefore, have nurtured a dream to experience a well-rounded education in Bournemouth and hold firm to my belief that this is a very place I can reach my potential.

On my first day in university, I had to say “wow”. The classroom in Lansdowne campus where all postgraduate Faculty of Management students study is so modern, and there are always helpful and friendly staff who are ready to show us everything new.

About studying, for each subject there are 2 classes per week: lecture and seminar. In lectures, academic professionals give students the necessary knowledge and we are free to ask questions. The thing that I love the most is that slides, exercises and text books are always uploaded on student account (MyBU) before the lectures. As a result, I can have a thorough view about what I will be taught.

About the seminar, it is a smaller class where students do the exercises in teams or as individuals, and the academics will be there to give you more information about your subjects, as well as answer your questions and help you with your academic problems. Furthermore, seminars are a perfect time for students to improve interpersonal skills such as: presentation, teamwork, analysis, time and task management. Equally important, students of Bournemouth University can get access to a huge source of textbooks, e-books and academic articles. It is also a perfect place to self-study and for group discussion.

Image of dinner place card with Anh Thu's name on it

My own place setting!

Outside the classroom, students also have the chance to do fieldwork. Next week, my class will visit the Bank of England Museum in London. I am extremely fascinated and I do believe it will give us more understanding of the Finance sector. I will tell you about this amazing experience on my next blog.

Last but not least, I want to share with you how the Finance framework course will help me in my academic path. The academic knowledge, together with the valuable skills that we gain during the course, we can apply to be an adviser, analyst, consultant, finance manager or financial consultants. Bournemouth University holds many career fairs where students can come and talk directly to the employers. It is really helpful.

I am on my way to having experienced one wonderful year in Bournemouth. I hope this blog is helpful to you. Thank you for reading.


Dang Le Anh Thu

MSc International Economics and Finance

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