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Not sure where to live? Little bit scared?
Near the Campus or a little bit further?
Or probably your major question is: Flat or Studio?

This summer I was really struggling with all of these questions after I got accepted to Bournemouth University. I asked myself: what are my priorities? From this question I started thinking what was best for me!

Photo of bedroom in Okeford House

My bedroom in Okeford House

Here is some information that will hopefully clarify your decision process:

  1. Distance from accommodation to campus: Okeford is really close to Talbot Campus (15 minutes walking)
  2. Social 100%-Social 60%: Flat or Studio?

At the end, I decided to take a studio in Okeford House because it’s really close to Talbot Campus, where I have classes. I have to admit that sometimes I still wonder if it was the best choice for me, mainly because I don’t have the possibility  to stroll easily around the city centre (30 minutes walking from Bournemouth Square).  Another reason is that I won’t meet someone by chance in the kitchen just because my kitchen is inside my room – LOL!

By the way, after two months I’m pretty happy about my decision because I have my private space whenever I want: bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Also if you decide to share a flat, you’ll have your own space (bedroom and bathroom), but you’re going to share the kitchen and sometimes it could be a little challenging because of the different routines between people.

Photo of Marta with friends in Okeford House

Me (in the middle) with some friends

In any case, whatever your decision will be, there are plenty of possibilities to socialise with people from Okeford! Since it’s an accommodation for postgraduates only, there’s always a nice and calm atmosphere during the day as well as during the night.  Every day I meet someone, in the stairs or in the courtyard or at the entrance or simply because you decide to invite someone for an Italian dinner (in my case).

Food is always the best way to make new friends!

Another way to socialise is to participate in Res Life Events. From Karaoke night to Quiz night there will be always something to do with your new neighbours.

Photo of blackboard with Reslife events on

Okeford is giving me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and lots of creativity. We all are studying something different and it’s really interesting to share ideas, thoughts and knowledge as well as have fun together.

So don’t be scared of anything! You will meet lots of people and every day you’ll have someone around!

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