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Bournemouth University offers various clubs and societies which you can get involved with. You can choose anything from sports to charity work, baking to gaming, education to politics or even quidditch – yep it does exist.

The best part is that if you can’t find a club or society you’d like to join you can create your own. All you need to do is get at least five people together who’d like to start it too and complete a registration form. Once this has been approved at the Clubs and Societies Committee Meeting you’ll be able to get going and recruit more members!

This is exactly what some friends of mine and myself did. One friend of mine had the idea to start a society that campaigned about the ongoing refugee crisis and supported local refugee families in the area. Five of us got together and formed the society STAR – Student Action for Refugees Bournemouth.

We made a Facebook page to spread awareness and get more members. We started fundraising on campus through cake sales and documentary nights. We have also now held two Rave 4 Refugee events through which around £3000 has been raised. We used some of this money to send to companies who organise care packages which are sent to escaping refugees and those citizens stuck in Syria.

This year’s Rave 4 Refugees event which was held at the Old Firestation

We also donated a chunk to a local organisation who work with local families by organising women’s conversation groups, after-school clubs and a creche. This aim of this is to help these families learn English and integrate them into society. It’s a topic we all felt very passionate about which is why we started a volunteering scheme. Students at Bournemouth University are able to volunteer and help out with these groups once a fortnight which is a really fun and rewarding experience.

Being part of a society has been so much fun. It gives you the opportunity to meet SO many new people and make some really great friends. We managed to get STAR to the 5* society level within a year and won Best New Society at the SUBU Activities Awards. It has been a great way to become active on campus and get an all-rounded university experience.

One of our recent campaigns to unite refugee families in the UK

So if you’re going to be joining Bournemouth University in September or you’re already a student then make sure you get down to the Freshers Fair when the new semester starts. All the societies will  be there so you can go and see what takes your fancy, or head to the SUBU website to join one now. You won’t regret it!

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