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BA (Hons) English

Jessica-AlexanderThe BA (Hons) English course at Bournemouth University requires all students to do at least a four week placement in their second year over the summer break. So off I set, searching for the perfect summer placement. Originally I wanted a placement in fashion, but after a family friend offered me work at a financial PR company in London I couldn’t turn down the offer. Although I wasn’t working in the area I always desired, in many ways this offer was extremely beneficial and came with many positives. Firstly, I didn’t have to go through days of scrolling mycareer hub or other placement specific websites. This helped enormously when it came to assignment deadlines and allowed me to focus a lot more on my work. I was familiarised with the company before I started and was provided with some of their recent coverage and current clients, allowing me to feel a little more confident and in the know before I put my foot in the door. I have also experienced a very long commute (four hours a day), learnt huge amounts on a topic I would have never considered and met some wonderful, hardworking people!

On 3 August, I took my first journey to Broadgate Mainland. I was welcomed by so many friendly faces and immediately incorporated into the team. I loved the fact I was thrown into the deep end and given tasks for clients straight away. I felt trusted and like I played an important role in the company. I even got to write a couple of press releases and some of the research I assisted with on football transfers for a client made the front page of City A.M.

After my four weeks was up, I was surprised and extremely pleased to have been asked to stay an extra three weeks. The company at this point had just been sold to another company called Four Communications, hence our name changing to FourBroadgate. Within a week, we were packed up and moved into our new offices; the next stage of my placement journey began. Moving from an office of just our team (25 people), into an office of around 200, was a little strange at first, but we soon settled in. For me, this move was positive, I was able to meet and liaise with more people who worked within PR and marketing and I was also told that Four Communications offered a graduate scheme, something I could consider after finishing my studies. I have attended many social events and recently a client meeting. I think it’s safe to say I’ve had the full package experience of the London media industry work life and I LOVE it!

How BU helped me

Although I never really utilised mycareer hub or other placement specific websites, I still relied on the university for help and support when contacting my placement. I attended a CV appointment and met one-on-one with a lovely lady who helped me perfect my CV. I have remembered some helpful pointers when adding to my CV in the future. I also attended lectures run by those who worked in the careers department. These were very helpful when it came to filling out my log book and understanding what the workplace expects from an employee. These lectures also showed us how to fill out the placement approval form.

For those looking for placements in the coming years, I would really advise you use the careers department as much as you need. They are there to help and it’s best to take all the help you can get while you can!

Any questions on my placement or placements in general, feel free to leave a comment below.

By Jessica Alexander

2 Responses to “My summer internship at FourBroadgate”

  1. Annabelle

    Hi Jessica,

    I am currently applying for PR internships, including at the Four Communications group. I understand that a you got your placement with the help of a family friend, however, is there any advice you would give to someone applying through email alone?

    Thank you,

    • Jessica

      Hi Annabelle.

      Are you filling out an application form or just emailing them asking about internships?

      I would definitely attach a copy of your cv (which you probably already know) and a covering letter.

      My advice would be to outline the reasons why you want to work for them, what experience you already have and what you would bring to the team and put your contact details on the email too.

      I hope this is of help. I can’t remember the last time I emailed enquiring about a job so sorry if this is stuff you already know. Feel free to ask anymore questions and I’ll try and help 🙂


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