Introducing SportBU

Bournemouth University offers sports facilities and activities that cater for all abilities and interests. Whether you opt to purchase a gym membership, attend a fitness class, participate in a social sport, or join their intensive varsity programme (for those who take sport that little bit more seriously), there is something at Sport BU for you!… Read more »

Shopping in Bournemouth

Although Bournemouth town centre may not be one of the most paramount places to shop in the UK, it does offer all the essential stores for a spot of student shopping. The town centre itself is actually relatively large, with a variety of shops dotted at either end of the town, so regardless of where… Read more »

Why are Open Days important?

If you’re in your last year of college and Bournemouth University is one of your top favs, then I suggest attending one of the University’s undergraduate Open Days. Plenty of time to check out all the wonderful things that BU has to offer. So, the question is, why are these Open Days so important to… Read more »

My summer internship at FourBroadgate

The BA (Hons) English course at Bournemouth University requires all students to do at least a four week placement in their second year over the summer break. So off I set, searching for the perfect summer placement. Originally I wanted a placement in fashion, but after a family friend offered me work at a financial… Read more »

Meeting new people – not as scary as it seems!

To some, the prospect of meeting new people can be the most exciting thing in the world, but to others it can be the most daunting. When arriving at university the first thing you’ll do before even stepping into your halls, house or university residence, is meet someone new. That person may be a welcome… Read more »

Waiting for your application response

You’ve picked BU as one of your favourite universities and you’ve applied for your chosen course. What next? Waiting for your application response from UCAS can be daunting and very nerve racking and all that’s on your mind is whether or not your application was good enough to be accepted. However, remembering that hundreds or… Read more »