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BA (Hons) English

When it comes to selecting a university, it’s never an easy decision to make. You’ve finally got yourself prepared for those difficult A-levels and now you’re being asked to think even further into your future – you’re still not even sure whether your English skills trump your Science skills! Having to choose just one subject can be a little daunting and you may be apprehensive about how far you can stretch your skills, but have no fear, choosing a university is where the fun begins…

I first visited Bournemouth as a child and I was overwhelmed by its stunning beach and quirky town centre. It’s a place that makes me think of family and to me that’s really something special. If you’re a sociable or outdoorsy type of person then you’re never too far away from a restaurant, club or that little spot on the sand.

However, I’m really here to talk about the university itself and the wide range of courses it offers. I am currently studying English and am now in my second year. Obviously I was already familiar with Bournemouth itself, so I thought I would check out BU. I was pleasantly surprised by the variation of the course; not only would I study English Literature and Language, I would be looking at the media and communication side of English and the way in which narratives are structured. I was also aware of The Media School’s excellent reputation and its former students who are now employed in such life changing careers. The course outline was like no other I had seen and immediately I was drawn in.The University also offers many practical courses, such as Nutrition, sports subjects and even Forensic Science, where students perform tasks within a lab and come face to face with a realistic crime scene set up in the university itself.

Attending an open day, I was greeted with a warm welcome by friendly Student Ambassadors. It was comforting to see current students so enthusiastic about BU and with such an imperative role on an important day. Their tasks were critical in encouraging people to confirm Bournemouth as their first choice and I never once thought I would be an Ambassador myself, inspiring future students.

I cannot possibly mention all the courses BU has to offer, but what I can say is that everyone is personally guided and supported by lecturers and other members of staff, in order to feel as settled as possible. I am proud to be part of the Bournemouth family and extremely glad I chose BU.

Written by Jessica Alexander

2 Responses to “Why I chose BU”

  1. Angharad Lewis

    Hi Jessica,
    I cant seem to find how the English course is assessed anywhere on the website. How much of the assessment is exams and how much is coursework?

    • Jessica

      Hi there,

      The English course is made up of mainly coursework. This includes, written individual work and group presentations. The course is quite diverse and media based, although it does cover a lot of literature as well, so its great if you want to try both aspects of English! However, some modules will require you to sit an exam, I know the modules have changed for the coming years, but in first year I sat two exams in the summer and one exam in January in my second year. Whether you sit an exam or not in your final year depends on what modules you choose.

      I hope I have helped slightly. Any other questions just let me know.



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