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We asked some of our bloggers to tell us their New Year’s resolutions, and here’s what they had to say!

Chris BowditchChris Bowditch

In 2016 I want to do at least 25 hours of volunteering with SUBU, and to earn myself a RAG hoodie while doing so!




Beth-CordonBeth Cordon

My New Year’s resolution is to make sure I make the most of my time at uni! I want to make the most of the opportunities I am given in 2016 and to have fun along the way!



Sophie ArnoldSophie Arnold

I’m in my third year and university is ending soon! Christmas and New Year is a time to be spent with your loved ones and being at home for the festive period made me miss my university friends. My resolution is to make the most of my last year with them, I’m so lucky you all got lumped with me, love you weirdos.

Sophie Christmas

Jessica AlexanderJess Alexander

My New Year’s resolution is to put all my efforts into my dissertation, so at the end of the year I know I have done my very best!




Amy pottsAmy Potts

For my New Year’s resolution I am going to pass my degree with a 2:1 and get accepted onto a Master’s degree.




Carlyle CollinsCarlyle Collins

This new year I hope to live in the library. Literally! Much work to be done in my final year, and I need to do it well!




Bethany BristowBethany Bristow

2015 taught me to keep your loved ones close to you, because you never know what’s round the corner. My New Years resolution is to make more time for the people that mean the most to me, whether it be by just a short phone call or meeting up for a drink and a chat. As cliche as it sounds, we do take these people for granted, so it’s important to make time for them!


What’s your New Year’s resolution? We’d love to know, so leave us a comment below.

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