Patricia’s Journey to BU

  “Think of yourself as a little pony facing an obstacle course. The mass of jumps looks terrifying, but you just focus on one hurdle at a time and don’t worry about the next one. You’ll make it to the end.” My journey to BU has not been effortless. I had to work to get… Read more »

The importance of networking during your postgraduate studies

Networking has become an integral contributor to success in career and business. It is even more critical for postgraduate students who are not just building on their careers but also seeking opportunities to advance their experience and expertise. So, just how is networking important during your postgraduate studies? Open doors to employment opportunities As a… Read more »

Back to uni: it’s never too late to learn!

Feeling too old to have a career change or go back to studying is a common phenomenon, although the phrase ‘it’s never too late’ is also something we hear very frequently!  It’s understandable that the thought of going back to uni after a long study-free period can evoke anxiety, but I think this way of… Read more »

Our New Year’s resolutions

We asked our bloggers to tell us their New Year’s resolutions, and here’s what they had to say! Lauren Bishop My resolutions are not so much New Year’s ones as on-going things I want to achieve: doing well in my Master’s, getting super fit on my bike, performing well in my job and generally being… Read more »