free workshop: Mathematics and Statistics Support in the Age of “Big Data”

Apolgies for cross posting – this event for social scientists as well as STEM academics…


If your Learning Development provision includes skills support in mathematics and statistics, please bring this free event to the attention of your relevant colleagues.

Mathematics and Statistics Support in the Age of “Big Data”
Monday 13th March 2017, 12.00-16.00, University of Essex

The sigma Network and the University of Essex invite you to a FREE event to explore how HE maths support provision can respond to the demands of the “big data” society.

Increasing quantification across the disciplines means that it is no longer just STEM students who need mathematical skills; students in the Humanities and Social Sciences also need to be able to deal confidently with data and statistics.

The event will be introduced by two authoritative speakers – Richard Skeggs (ESRC Business and Local Government Data Research Centre) and Simon Gallacher (Nuffield Foundation) . Participants will then share their own experiences of how they are supporting students in their quantitative skills. All participants should go away with new insights, ideas and action plans for enhancing their own maths and statistics support provision.

Further details at:

To reserve your place at this FREE event, please email Hansa Bissoondeeal ( by 3rd March 2017. A programme and travel information will be sent out nearer the time.

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David Bowers
Consultant for Mathematics, Statistics and Learning Development
Chair, sigma Network for Excellence in Mathematics and Statistics Support (
Steering Group Member, Association for Learning Development in Higher Education (

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