CELebrate 2016 – an overview of the speakers and topics

We are exited that this year’s CELebrate Conference is coming soon.  The CELebrate 2016 runs between 13th and 15th April 2016.

You will soon be able to book on individual presentations or, alternatively, you are welcome to join us on the day.  The booking system will be set up shortly.

Here is an early look at the many and varied presentations you can enjoy during the conference.  We will be featuring more information on the presentations in the run up to the Conference.


Keynote speakers

Peter Bryant

Challenging educational paradigms: the role of the Learning Technologist

Wednesday 13 April


Professor Jane Searle

Technology as a tool for inclusion: use and abuse in classroom settings

Thursday 14 April


Visiting speaker – Professor John Cook

Informal learning in the workplace: opportunities for educators

Thursday 14 April


Other presentations

Jacqueline Priego

The Challenges and rewards of teaching qualitative analysis with CAQDAS


Jacqueline Priego

Assessing Undergraduate Research Assistants’ Learning (AURAL) through participatory methods


Dr Catherine Angell

The impact on student learning and grading in practice of changing from a multiple competency assessment to a benchmark approach in midwifery


Dr Jen Leamon and Sarah Emberley

Student midwives development of team working skills and competency for maternity emergencies


Paul Barnes

SansSpace: BU’s virtual language laboratory


Peter Phillips and Alison Trinder

Changing Professional Identity: Assessing and Developing Learning from Interdisciplinary working


Dr Jenny Hall

Risky teaching: Using art and creative methods to explore professional learning in education


Phil Mathews

The Script Ease Website: An opportunity to bridge the gap between academia and professional practice.


Sonya Harvey

Encouraging students to apply the BU Student Development Award (SDA) to their employability


David Biggins

Explore the TEL Toolkit (Runs twice)


David Biggins

Using Social Media in Teaching


David Biggins

TEL tools for engagement


David Biggins

TEL tools for engagement and using social media in teaching


David Biggins

Explore the TEL Toolkit and get to know BU’s new presentation equipment


Crispin Farbrother, Giampaolo Viglia, Slava Filimonau, Barbara Neuhofer, Bruce Braham

Encouraging deep learning approaches and reflective practice through innovation in teaching, learning and assessment


Jonathan Branney

An evaluation of Team-based Learning


Suzy Atfield-Cutts – BU Learning and Teaching Fellow

Blended Feedback: Introducing Video Screen Casting Assessment Feedback


Dr Erika Borkoles

The development of a co-creational toolkit to explain psychological theories and their application to real life problems


Dr Sue Baron, HSS

Engaging service users, practice partners, academics and students as co-contributors to nurse education: simulated ‘patient’ admission assessment and handover.


Dr Janet Scammell and Dr Michele Board

Interprofessional education in health and social care undergraduate programmes: the challenge of facilitating engagement in large student groups


Pearl Morrison, Lecturer, Events and Leisure Management

Joff Cooke, SUBU Head of Student Engagement

“I’m not working with that idiot!” Integrating extra curricula team development learning with the curriculum: an initiative between Events and Leisure Management and SUBU.


Milena Bobeva and Philip Wilkinson

International students’ perceptions of Assessment and Feedback


Carly Lamont & Roger Atkinson

From comfort zone to scary zone: enhancing employability skills through business simulation


Anne Quinney, CEL Theme Leader, and colleagues from the Generic Assessment Criteria Review Group

I’m not ‘immature’ or ‘incoherent’! Reviewing the BU Generic Assessment Criteria


Anne Davey

LibGuides: teaching with Library Resources Guides


Vianna Renaud, Placement Development Advisor for FMC and Charlotte Thackeray, Peer Learning Officer

Sharing and spreading the success of the Placement Pal initiative on campus


Dr Gelareh Roushan

Digital Pedagogies Transforming Learning ontologies in Higher Education


Louise Fazakarley and Dr Tim Gale

Lego Serious Play


Dr Sara White

The Academic Adviser


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