New book : Tourism Management, Marketing, and Development : Performance, Strategies, and Sustainability

  Edited by Marcello M. Mariani, Wojciech Czakon, Dimitrios Buhalis, Ourania Vitouladiti ISBN 9781137401854 Publication Date December 2015 Companies and destinations in the tourism sector are confronted with increasing managerial challenges and have to deal with a competitive, turbulent, and fast-changing environment. The understanding that both tourism companies and destinations endowed with the best assets (natural and cultural)… Read more »

Gamification in Tourism book

How to design memorable experiences in tourism by linking Gamification to Experience Design is the focus of the new Gamification in Tourism book. For combining these concepts, Paul Bulencea and Roman Egger conceptualized the Memorable Experience Design (MED) framework drawing on a wide body of literature from design thinking, motivation theories, game design and positive… Read more »


ENTER2015 eTourism Conference which took place in Lugano – Switzerland on February 3-6, 2015, brought together the most recent trends and innovations in eTourism, and gave more insight into E-Marketing and Social Media, Big Data Analysis, ICT, SMART tourism destinations and e-Strategy. The main keynote sessions of ENTER2015 are available online: ENTER2015 eTourism conference Bournemouth… Read more »

eTourism Lab contributes to ENTER 2015 conference in Lugano

Bournemouth University eTourism Lab will contribute to the ENTER 2015 Digital Tourism conference in Lugano, from 3-6 February. This top event in Information Technology in Tourism will once again bring the eTourism community together for an exciting week of events organised around the conference theme “eTourism: Transforming Mobility”. Several members from the eTourism Lab will… Read more »

New Publications: Tourism Planning and Organisation Systems

Prof. Dimitrios Buhalis has co-authored two new books on Tourism Planning Costa, C., Panyik, E., Buhalis, D., 2013 European Tourism Planning and Organisation Systems: The EU Member States, Channel View Publications, Bristol   This book provides a systematic, country-by-country analysis of tourism policy, planning and organisation in the EU. Its main objective is to explore 21st… Read more »