Great Tourism and Hospitality courses start at Bournemouth University  28 February – 16 March 2018. 

Great Tourism and Hospitality courses start in a couple of weeks at Bournemouth University 

As you know we organise the Bournemouth University Tourism and Hospitality Professional courses 28 February – 16 March 2018. 

The purpose of these courses is primarily to provide cutting edge training and knowledge cocreation to our regional and national economy and support the development of the professional of the future.It is critical for business and the tourism destination to ensure that supervisors and managers are also trained for career progression, retention, continuity and succession planning. At the macro level the more people that understand the principles and practice of hospitality and tourism management and the more they collaborate the more we can enhance smartness and agility.

At Bournemouth University we are developing these courses to contribute to the competitiveness of the region and to support the development of organisations. We also use them as an opportunity to meet industry executives, manager and supervisors so we can discuss knowledge cocreation through research, placements as well as casual, seasonal, graduate employment for our students. As you know we treat the destination as our laboratory where we create innovation and critical thinking towards tourism and hospitality for the future. 

Please encourage and support your staff to register for the Bournemouth University Tourism and Hospitality Professional Courses 28 February – 16 March 2018

As you can see we have very low prices and preferential rates for participants and the organisations that do many of these in the three weeks that we run the courses 

Course details –  


Bookings –

please join us, send us your staff and help us promote the courses to the tourism and hospitality community locally towards developing the professionalism and agility of the region

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