Join the Bournemouth University Tourism and Hospitality Professional courses 28 February – 16 March 2018

Join the Bournemouth University Tourism and Hospitality Professional courses

28 February – 16 March 2018

Book course tickets In the Department of Tourism and Hospitality, we pride ourselves on the cutting edge knowledge and professional excellence we cultivate. The combination of staff expertise and enthusiasm, knowledge excellence and co-creation with industry, generate innovation and best professional practice.

Masterclasses and short courses for personal development and executive education in tourism and hospitality. We have developed a suite of 26 professional development courses for the tourism and hospitality industry to support managers in their operational and strategic thinking. They will bring you the tools and techniques to help grow your business. Join us to learn how you can develop your potential and competitiveness through managing your staff, developing your product and service, understanding your customers and using digital marketing. You will also have access to our resources and networks to develop your competitiveness. The courses are delivered through interactive workshops and networking with leading academics and students and will support managers to develop contemporary knowledge of critical business aspects that influence their profitability and performance.

One day – Masterclasses 28 February-2 March

Economic Impacts – A masterclass with Professor Adam Blake

Wednesday 28 February, 9.30–4.30pm

The Masterclass will provide both practical insights into recent theoretical advances and research-based evidence for destinations and government organisations to explore how they plan, develop, manage and organise tourism to maximise economic benefits.

Smart Tourism – A masterclass with Professor Dimitrios Buhalis

Thursday 1 March, 9.30–4.30pm

Technology has emerged as the pervasive and robust platform for the tourism organisation and destination distribution and management.

Crisis and Disaster Management: enhancing entrepreneurial resilience and reducing reputational risks – A masterclass with Professor Lee Miles

Friday 2 March, 9.30–4.30pm

The Crisis and disaster management masterclass with Professor Lee Miles will explain how tourism organisations and destinations can enhance entrepreneurial resilience and reduce reputational risks.


Half-day short courses 5 -16 March

Professional development courses for tourism & hospitality professionals

Our half-day courses will focus on the following areas:
  • Operational management
  • Marketing strategies & branding
  • Digital marketing
  • Smart tourism & technology
  • Finance & the economy
  • Conferences & events
  • Creativity, heritage & futures tourism
  • Food & safety
  • Asian markets & culture
  • Human Resources – managing & developing staff.

View the full schedule of short courses and click below for more detail about each course.

Course dates and details

Monday 5 March

9.30-12.30: Heritage interpretation and tourism products delivered by Duncan Light

This course will cover the aims and scope of heritage interpretation; the nature of informal learning in a leisure setting and the ways that interpretation can facilitate such learning; the use of interpretation to manage visitor flows and movement; some key principles for the design of interpretive messages and principles for effective writing of interpretive materials.

13.30-16.30: Engaging Millennials – the under 35s as consumers of travel and hospitality delivered by Dr Tim Gale

Enhance your understanding of the current generation of under-35s as consumers of travel and hospitality products, services and experiences, with concepts and cases drawn from the latest academic and industry research.

Millennials make up the largest segment of the population and of the market for travel and hospitality, in the UK and worldwide. This course is for travel and hospitality businesses and managers/ decision-makers targeting or wishing to target this hugely important, but frequently misunderstood demographic with products, services and experiences that work for them.

Tuesday 6 March

9.30-12.30: The need to improve accessibility within conference venues delivered by Dr Julie Whitfield

The aim of this seminar is to discuss strategies on how to make venue space more accessible for all. Dr Julie Whitfield, Harriett Clark and Professor Dioko have written a research paper to investigate if people with disabilities are satisfied with how conference venues are meeting their needs and highlight the importance of developing a more accessible quality of life for all. A number of key findings emerged from this research, which if addressed, could enhance people with disabilities experiences of accessing conferences.

13.30-16.30: Design of prestige tourism and event experiences delivered by Dr Miguel Moital

This course focuses on understanding the principles behind designing prestigious experiences. Participants will be introduced to the prestige motivation model which underpins the design of prestigious experiences. The five prestige values and three attendee reactions will be thoroughly examined as they apply to tourism and event experiences. The implications of this knowledge for the marketing of tourism and event experiences will be discussed. Participants will evaluate the prestige of a tourism/experience of their choice using the principles learned.

Wednesday 7 March

09.30-12.30: Food and safety issues by Philippa Hudson

This course recognises that food safety is an ongoing issue for all food businesses and offers an insight into current issues. The session will be interactive and will provide ample opportunity to discuss your concerns about food safety and food hygiene.

13.30-16.30: Successful negotiations in hospitality industries delivered by Crispin Farbrother

The session is developed around role plays and case studies to develop and enhance the confidence and skills needed to achieve successful outcomes in both formal and informal negotiations. This will lead to better team management skills, higher profit margins and continued commercial success.

Thursday 8 March

9.30am–12.30pm: Marketing strategy and social media management delivered by Dr Elvira Bolat

Make sure you stay in tune with digital transformation by transforming customer engagement and communication processes.This course highlights role of digital transformation on customer-facing activities within organisations and offers an insight into current practices of successfully managing digital communications, with particular focus on social media interactions.

1.30pm–4.30pm: Financial management: measuring your business delivered by Jeff Sadd

With an uncertain backdrop to the business environment, managers and staff within the Hospitality and Tourism industry should understand the importance of financial ratios, both as the day to day operational aspect, as well as part of a performance management review process. Additionally, understanding of ratios also allows for greater communication between management and staff.

Friday 9 March

9.30am–12.30pm: Upcoming East Asian markets – serving Chinese, Korean and Japanese tourists delivered by Dr Philipp Wassler

This course will cover the salient features of Chinese, Korean and Japanese tourists as customers and service receivers. Based on a large scale project on inbound tourism to Hong Kong.

1.30pm–4.30pm: Getting ready for the Chinese wave: preferences, behaviours, and concerns delivered by Dr Daisy Fan

This course recognises that human resources are an integral part of service delivery and competitive advantage, yet often how we recruit and develop a sustainable workforce is not considered part of an organisations strategy.

Monday 12 March

9.30am–12.30pm: Looking after your workforce delivered by Professor Adele Ladkin

This course recognises that human resources are an integral part of service delivery and competitive advantage, yet often how we recruit and develop a sustainable workforce is not considered part of an organisations strategy.

1.30pm–4.30pm: Facilitating personal development in organisations: producing a learning organisation delivered by Dr Sean Beer

In this workshop you will gain a better understanding of how humans learn and explore how this fits into a holistic package of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Tuesday 13 March

9.30am–12.30pm: Managing self and others delivered by Dr Lia Marinakou

This course will cover managing self and others through emotional intelligence (EI).

1.30pm–4.30pm: Managing a multicultural workforce in the UK hospitality industry delivered by Dr Charalampos (Babis) Giousmpasoglou

This module investigates issues such as national and organisational culture, people management in multicultural teams, communication, power and politics, and conflict.

Wednesday 14 March

9.30am–12.30pm: The critical need to be creative in tourism and hospitality practice and policy delivered by Dr Philip Long

This workshop will equip you with an understanding of the challenges and opportunities for collaboration across the tourism and creative industry sectors.

1.30pm–4.30pm: Finance without the numbers – build successful business delivered by: Christian Lemmer

Practitioners are frequently challenged by the evolving business environment. These include supplier price variations, changes in legislation and staff issues.

Thursday 15 March

9.30am–12.30pm: How to set up and measure your digital marketing campaigns – Get the basics right delivered by Dr Philip Alford

This is an intermediate-level workshop for those with a good working knowledge of Google Analytics.

1.30pm–4.30pm: Digital marketing and branding – the power of storytelling delivered by Dr Elvira Bolat

This course aims to reconsider your views on content marketing, central part of digital marketing and branding. Drawing on examples of UK and international brands, it will demonstrate how powerful content and story can drive success of digital marketing and branding. The session will involve interactive activties with opportunity for you to construct powerful stories for your brands, using theoretical underpinnings introduced during the workshop.

Friday 16 March

9:30am-12:30pm: Future proofing your event or festival delivered by Dr Debbie Sadd

Looking in to the future is not only extremely valuable for the contingency planning and strategic foresight requirement of managing festivals and events, it is also one powerful tool in avoiding failure in an increasing busy market.

1.30pm–4.30pm: Managing food waste delivered by Dr Viachaslau (Slava) Filimonau

This course aims to highlight the opportunities associated with integrating the principles of sustainability in tourism and hospitality business operations.

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