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Professional development courses for tourism & hospitality professionals

Bournemouth University Tourism and Hospitality Professional courses 28 Feb – 16 March 2018

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Professional development courses for tourism & hospitality professionals

In the Department of Tourism & Hospitality, we pride ourselves on the cutting edge knowledge and professional excellence we cultivate. The combination of staff expertise and enthusiasm, knowledge excellence and co-creation with industry, generate innovation and best professional practice.

Masterclasses and short courses

We have developed a suite of professional development courses for the tourism and hospitality industry to support managers in their operational and strategic thinking. They will bring you the tools and techniques to help grow your business.

Join us to learn how you can develop your potential and competitiveness through managing your staff, developing your product and service, understanding your customers and using digital marketing. You will also have access to our resources and networks to develop your competitiveness.

The courses are delivered through interactive workshops and networking with leading academics and students and will support managers to develop contemporary knowledge of critical business aspects that influence their profitability and performance.

Office meeting

Half-day short courses

Our short courses run from 28 February to 16 March, and can be booked individually or as a package at a discounted rate.

SMART tourism at Festival of Learning


Our masterclasses will run from 28 February to 2 March, covering the economic benefits of tourism, our industry’s relationship with technology, and disaster management.

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