Partnership with the Digital Tourism Think Tank

The eTourism Lab at Bournemouth University is happy to announce a partnership with the Digital Tourism Think Tank (!

The partnership generates mutual advantages for both parties. Whereas the eTourism Lab will be provided with a new platform for its members to publish their cutting-edge research, the Digital Tourism Think Tank will benefit from useful insights into the latest innovations in information and communication technology for travel and tourism.

Moreover, the partnership will generate a valuable source for marketers and tourism professionals who can access both platforms and stay updated about the emerging trends from the eTourism industry, which becomes increasingly important in today’s dynamic market conditions.

What is the Digital Tourism Think Tank? 

 The Digital Tourism Think Tank is an initiative that provides thought leadership to the tourism industry in digital marketing best practice. The project, which was created by Managing Director at SE1 Media with 10 years experience working in digital tourism marketing Nicholas Hall, puts together a team of experts in diverse and varied fields of the tourism industry. The Digital Tourism Think Tank comprises special features including interviews with industry experts and DMOs, best practice guides and reports, a programme of events and workshops and the Digital Tourism Brand Index.

Partners of Digital Tourism Think Tank 

  • Yahoo (lead partner)
  • European Travel Commission
  • Last Exit
  • Travel Bloggers Unite
  • CATALUNYA Tourism
  • European Cities Marketing






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