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New to the Brightspace online training unit is a module on how Brightspace tools and integrations can be used for student engagement and gamification.

According to JISC, Gamification is where techniques or approaches from games are adopted or incorporated into non-gaming activities to make them more engaging or enjoyable

It is important to note that gamification does not call for the explicit use of games, or some notion of ‘play’ or ‘playtime’. Rather, it reflects that successful design and implementation of game experiences can be incorporated into the design of other experiences.

Still not convinced? Look around, it is everywhere.

Have you ever thought about those supermarket loyalty cards we all carry offering reward vouchers or discounts, how about those stamps we collect for a free coffee? All examples of gamification and we are all engaging with it, even if we don’t realise it!

When properly designed, engagement through gamification works in many sectors, so why not in education?

Brightspace has a number of tools and integrations that can help toward improving engagement with your units

Release conditions: Control how and when topics become available, ensure the student passed that quiz or completed that survey before being able to move to the next topic?

Recordings and video: Lecture capture, flipped classrooms and micro lectures, why not add in a quick quiz for self-assessment?

Discussion boards: Get the students to discuss and collaborate, save email traffic with FAQ’s

Quizzes: Multiple question types for formative, summative and self-assessment.

Awards and badges: Badges and certificates are a great tool for motivation and can be awarded for almost anything at unit level, passing a quiz, completing a module or group collaboration and much more. Choose a template or create your own designs.

The Learning Technology team are working to develop more resources in the Online Training unit and these will appear in the coming weeks.

Visit the Brightspace online training unit Here

If you have worked through the Engagement module and still have questions, please come along to one of the regular Brightspace drop-in sessions for help.

What’s stopping you? Game on!



Gamification and game-based learning JISC 2016:


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