Preparing for a BU Computing Degree

Have you ever thought about talking to technology? Would it not be fun to ask your TV the forecast for tomorrow or maybe tell your computer to find the spelling mistakes in the essay you’ve been working on? Well, that is exactly what we – the computing students – do, we talk to computers, we… Read more »

A Day in the Life of a Communications and Media student

8:28 Wake up and feel ridiculously happy and impressed that I have woken up two minutes before my alarm. Two minutes of sleepy pillow time before I have to get up and face the world…. 9:00 Showered and dressed, and now for the arguably most important occasion of the day: breakfast. There’s nothing better than… Read more »

A Media Production student’s week in photos

I think one of the biggest positives about life at university is the varied life you get to lead! It’s completely different from school and college or sixth-form because you don’t have the same regimented schedule. Of course it depends course to course, but my course Media Production wasn’t the same experience as school, being… Read more »

The daily routine of a Psychology student

Luckily for me, I rarely have 9am lectures – I guess the Psychology lecturers don’t want to start work at the crack of dawn either! 8:30  I wake up, with great difficulty, and cobble a socially acceptable outfit together. By the time I’ve finished getting ready it’s time to catch the U3 bus to Uni,… Read more »

Image of students in a science lab

Why I love Nutrition at BU

Nutrition is an excellent course to pursue at BU for many different reasons. The reason I love this course is that the lecturers are extremely friendly and are easy to talk to, making you want to listen and learn much more. But putting that aside the resources available to use are excellent, there’s even a… Read more »

Law at BU: is it for me?

Being a first year, it was only a few months ago I was in the same position as I’m sure a lot of you reading this are; you have finally worked out what you’d like to do at uni, but you’re still not sure which university is right for you. This decision is difficult for… Read more »

A week in the life of a Sports Management student

From finance and development to the gym and drinking Fosters (not at the same time I might add), a week in the life of a second year Sports Management student at BU is entertaining and varied. As I’m sure you agree, Mondays are a struggle (even if mine do start at 1pm). Luckily though, mine… Read more »

Why I love Politics at BU

I don’t suppose I could justify loving my course at BU because I’m beside the beach, could I?  Didn’t think so… Well of course living by the sea is an amazing selling point of BU if you’re struggling to pick a course at two separate universities. I love Politics & Media because it is so… Read more »