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This is a guest blog written by Beth Corden.

A day in the life of a nursing student is very different to that of other university students. People may think we follow the stereotype label of ‘students’, getting up at midday, eating leftover dominos for breakfast and taking hung-over strolls to 12pm lectures… but let me tell you it’s quite different for us.

A day that you’re in a ‘theory block’ as we call it, could involve going in for a 9am- 4pm day. Don’t be alarmed, I am aware this does sound long, but honestly its okay and theory days are made interesting and interactive. We usually have a morning lecture in the Woolstone Theatre with one or two other groups, then a session within our set tutor groups elsewhere in the building. This usually goes on for a couple of hours and can involve anything from class discussions to interactive work to group projects. The lecturers offer a variety of teaching methods to ensure we are all engaged!

Then finally when your stomach goes past the point of grumbling, to actually shouting at you that it’s ready for lunch (only if you’re like me and miss breakfast as you are usually running around like a loon to get ready), you get your break. If it’s a sunny day we head into Bournemouth House’s garden or down to the beach, and if it’s cold and windy we use one of the student spaces and relax with a hot chocolate on the sofa (having an onsite Costa is always appreciated).

The afternoon consists of the same tutor group continuing to work within the given subject or module and if group work was started in the morning, can involve presenting to the class (not nearly as horrendous or scary as it sounds)! The other days of the week can involve self reading and learning or clinical skills sessions. This involves learning what you would be doing out in practice in the fancy skills labs at Studland House (brushing new course mates teeth or feeding them is always a fun way to bond and break any social boundaries).

So, that’s what you do in your ‘theory block’, but that’s only 50% of your degree. The other 50% is spent out in placement; in the real wards, with the real patients and real situations. This is definitely where I love to be! Don’t get me wrong the theory is important and vital to understand what is happening with your patients (eg. your anatomy and care of complex conditions units)!  But in placement, you are the student nurse, who is supernumerary and is learning skills from some of the most influential nurses. The mentors I have worked with have taught me so much and I am thankful to them all! The nursing care that you can offer someone, that is so appreciated makes the early mornings and late walks home all completely worth it!

And despair not, despite not getting the ‘uni student’ timetable, we can still have fun and go out with the rest of the students (just not the night before a shift- it’s a painfully early start as it is!)

But overall, student nurses not only come away with a degree, a family of nursing graduates and a seaside tan (if you get chance to visit the gorgeous beach), but here at Bournemouth University you gain experience, confidence and life skills that helps develop you as an individual! As a near graduated student nurse, I can be honest with you and say that coming to Bournemouth was the best decision I have made; the place is amazing, the people are lovely and the experience of studying at this university has put me on the map and this is just the beginning of where I can go!

Danielle Tirel

Adult Nursing 3rd year

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