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Nikki Mennen (Netherlands)

Hi, I’m Nikki! I’m from the Netherlands and came all the way to Bournemouth to study MA Creative Writing and Publishing. Let me show you what a day in my life as a BU student looks like.

8:30 – Rise and shine

Unless I have class at 9:00, I get up around 8.30 am and spend a few hours getting ready and hanging out in my room. I am the worst morning person, so I’m usually not very talkative and I need to slowly begin my day. Breakfast in bed is sometimes included.

10:00 – Being creative

Aside from my studies, I love to spend my time creating things and enjoying other people’s creations. I go outside with my camera to take photos, I draw and paint, I read a lot of books, I listen to music or online tutorials, and I write stories. After my relaxed morning routine, I work on my latest creative project. Sometimes, I also take a walk to the beach or go into town for some shopping (usually food).

12:00 – Lunch break

In my opinion, lunch should be accompanied with entertainment, which is why I usually eat lunch watching a series or spend it with my housemates or friends. Although my breakfast is usually simple (yogurt, toast or fruit), I spend more time making a great lunch, such as scrambled eggs, pasta or a salad. After lunch it is time to really get things done, so I need a full stomach!

12:30 – Getting things done

Because my mornings are usually slow, the afternoon is when I focus on uni work, working as a Student Ambassador, or other important items on my to-do list. This is also the time of the day when I need some caffeine. You will hardly ever see me without a cup of coffee.

15:00 – Lectures or workshops

Since most of my lectures are scheduled in the late afternoon, I leave the house around 3pm to catch a bus (or ride my bike) to Talbot Campus. As a Creative Writing and Publishing student, my lectures include writing workshops, computer sessions, interactive lectures, and practical sessions. I absolutely love my classes, so I don’t mind sitting in a classroom all afternoon. On the days that I don’t have classes, I’m usually busy with uni work, the Global Talent Programme, or workshops with the Yoga or Photography Club.

19:30 – Dinner time

My classes usually take up most of the afternoon and I get home around 7.30pm. I put together a quick meal or eat one of the oven-meals that I put in the freezer over the weekend. My housemates and I usually eat our meals together but cook them separately. This is because I am allergic to gluten and one of my housemates is vegan, which doesn’t leave us with many recipe inspirations.

20:00 – Leisure time!

After dinner it’s time to have fun! Some nights this entails watching (scary) movies and drinking wine with my housemates. Other nights I go out for drinks or other fun activities with friends. Every Thursday and Sunday night you can find me in the swimming pool – to compensate for all those glasses of wine.

My weekends look different every week but are filled with activities such as more creative time, relaxing, taking trips, going for a hike, seeing movies or shows, going out for drinks and dancing, or working on essays and projects. Occasionally, my friends and family from the Netherlands come to visit me in Bournemouth – and of course, for them, I clear my schedule.

By Nikki Mennen, Netherlands, MA Creative Writing and Publishing, 2017/18